My fine art portraiture is a murky borderline between dreams and waking. My images have a sense of absurdity in imaginary scenarios of what almost never happened.

My ripest visions have created atmospheres that are at times unsettling and slightly on sombre stomping grounds.

This imaginary realm isn’t only a place for the lost, broken and neglected. It’s an extended invitation for intimacy and connection between the subject and the viewer.

Erasing the borderline between portraiture and fine art I frequently distort my subject’s appearance, lending these characters to spin in a unfamiliar orbit.

While my fundamental skill is photography, chasing light and shadow I spend many hours creating props, styling my subjects and researching my ideas to build to their full potential. I send hours photographing elements and many more in post production to create my final piece.

My inspiration comes from illustrators, Greek mythology, Gothic architecture, Medieval period, Religion, symbolism, fauna and flora and movement.


I’m currently working on hand crafted images know as Wet plate Collodion. Over the coming months my work will mature and projects will come to fruition. You can follow this development via my Instagram account.




Kylie Foley CV September 2017